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Victoria Ehrlich


Vicky grew up in a small Texas town that had music programs in schools due to luck and oil.  As she grew older she was able to get scholarships to S.M.U for undergraduate studies as well as scholarships to summer festivals such as Interlochen music camp, Tanglewood, and Aspen. Putting off graduate school for a year, she instead opted to study a year in Italy.  She attended Stony Brook University while studying with Bernard Greenhouse.  Her first job was in Iceland, and then in Omaha, Richmond (VA), Phoenix, Santa Fe Opera, and then finally the San Francisco Opera.  Vicky and her husband met in the Phoenix Symphony and were able to make the move together to San Francisco.  He is a violist in the San Francisco Ballet and often plays with the San Francisco Opera as well.  They love living in San Francisco and have enjoyed a fun career making a variety of music in the Bay Area, including winery weddings, Gilbert and Sullivan, lots of symphonies, operas, ballets, jingles, movie scores, hip hop; playing with groups that focus on Jewish Composers, Black Composers, music with poetry, and wonderful chamber music.  Most of all she loves playing great operas with wonderful San Francisco Opera Orchestra colleagues in the beautiful War Memorial Opera House.

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